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Finance your business with Merchant Capital

Merchant Capital is built to supply your business with funds for any necessary use. Discover a convenient way to obtain the funds you require by transforming your future credit and debit card sales into working capital designed to support your business expansion.
Merchant Capital
Better than a loan

Receive the funds in advance based on your future sales


Avoid the long loan application
process and get approved within 1-2 business days with Merchant Capital.

Once approved, the funds will appear in your bank account as fast as in 2-3 business days.
Pay back more when your sales are doing great and take a break when things are slow.

Fast and flexible funds for your business

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Funding amount
The funds you are eligible to apply for will be determined based on your recent processing history.
Meet the criteria
To qualify for Merchant Capital, you must be in business for more than 6 months and process a minimum monthly volume of $1,000 for 3 months in credit and debit card transactions. Additional T&Cs apply.
Flexible funding
Choose between multiple advance amounts and find the funding option that makes sense for your business.
No need to worry about your due date
A portion of your daily sales will automatically be set aside for flexible repayment of your cash advance.
Credit score safe
Applying for Merchant Capital will not affect your personal or business credit score.
Need more funding?
Once history has been established, securing additional capital becomes even simpler.

Steps you need to take to get funded

1 - Apply
If you qualify, you will get an email invitation. Log in to the Clover Dashboard to see the pre-populated application.
2 - Pick the most suitable offer

Evaluate the available options and select the offer that best suits your business needs.

3 - Get funded
Upon approval, funds will be visible in your account in just 2-3 business days.
4 - Reap the benefits of automated payments
No need to worry about another due date, Merchant Capital will put aside portions of your sales.
5 - Repeat
Securing pre-approval becomes easier as you build a payment history. Access more funds as your business expands.