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Transform your restaurant's operations with our innovative POS system. Swift, intuitive, and tailored for success.

Restaurant POS systems
Elevate customer satisfaction, boost efficiency, and drive profits
restaurants pos systems

Built-in back office tools designed to save time and help you run your business effortlessly

Your recipe for restaurant success starts here – choose the right tools for you


A handheld POS device that allows you to accept every payment type on the go, tableside, at the counter and more.

Station Solo

A powerful all-in-one POS device that processes customer payments, prints receipts, tracks sales transactions, and seamlessly runs Clover’s software.

Station Duo

A device made for both sides of the counter. Perfect for speedy, secure, and engaging customer service.


Reap the benefits of a full-featured POS in a compact device and say goodbye to the crowded counter space.


An all-new solution that streamlines the orders and syncs the kitchen and front-of-house to make ordering process more efficient than ever.


Mobile POS system enabling you to run your business wherever your customers are. Use Glover Go App and take payments with any smartphone.

Manage orders in an orderly fashion

Introduce our Kitchen Display System to your restaurant for a seamless connection between the front-of-house and the kitchen.

Benefits of choosing KDS:

Meet the new Clover Kiosk

Empowering efficiency and convenience, providing seamless transactions and personalized experience at customers' fingertips


Enable Self-Ordering at your restaurant

By automating front-of-house tasks, restaurants can reallocate labor to more value-add positions, thereby decreasing operating costs, increasing average ticket size, improving the customer experience, and streamlining operations

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Retail POS hardware

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Retail POS hardware

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Retail POS hardware

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Retail POS hardware
Apps designed to optimize your work efficiency
Enjoy easy integration with finance, payroll, and staff management software to help you monitor sales tax, track inventory, introduce promotions and more.